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The Journal for 2024 has the following articles:  
Modern Times: A Poem – Sylvia Townsend Warner, with an introductory note by Harriet Hall
Six Romances of the Spanish Civil War and their English Translations – Sylvia Townsend Warner
The Mary Jacobs Prize Essay 2023: “Translation and Ideology in Sylvia Townsend Warner: Six Romances of the Spanish Civil War into English” – Alicia Fernández Gallego-Casilda
Georg Lukács, Sylvia Townsend Warner and The Historical Novel – Ksenia Shmydkaya
Philibert – Sylvia Townsend Warner
Cuckoo – Sylvia Townsend Warner
Review of Ailsa Granne’s “Life-Writing, Genre and Criticism in the Texts of Sylvia Townsend Warner and Valentine Ackland: Women Writing for Women” – Janet Montefiore

The Journal for 2023 (issue 1) has the following articles:  
Lolly Willowes: The Berg Collection Manuscript – Sylvia Townsend Warner  
Draft of a Preface to Lolly Willowes – Sylvia Townsend Warner  
Five Letters to Charles Prentice, 1925–26 – Sylvia Townsend Warner  
Malleus Maleficarum: Review of The History of Witchcraft and Demonology by Montague Summers – Sylvia Townsend Warner  
Twice as Natural – Sylvia Townsend Warner  
Draft of a Preface to The True Heart – Sylvia Townsend Warner  
Lolly Comes to Town – Percy N. Stone  
Spain’s Living Daughters – Sylvia Townsend Warner  
Lynn Mutti – Richard Searle, Judith Bond, Judith Stinton  
Review of “Of Cats and Elfins: Short Tales and Fantasies” – Maud Ellmann  
Review of Rebecca Kate Hahn’s “Side-Stepping Normativity in Selected Short Stories by Sylvia Townsend Warner” – Peter Swaab  
Review of Judith Stinton’s “Chesil Beach: A Peopled Solitude” – Peter Robinson  
Review of Frances Bingham’s “Valentine Ackland: A Transgressive Life” – Maud Ellmann  

The Journal for 2022 (issue 2) has the following articles:  
Letter to the Editor – Ruth Williams  
‘My Usual Despicable Hold on Life’: The View from Sylvia Townsend Warner’s Diaries – David Trotter  
Mrs Hazlitt’s Divorce – Sylvia Townsend Warner  
A Heart on the Sand – Sylvia Townsend Warner  
Small Antiques: Six Poems for Valentine Ackland – Sylvia Townsend Warner  
Review of R.B. Russell and J. Lawrence Mitchell’s “Sylvia Townsend Warner: A bibliography” – Janet Montefiore  
Review of “Sylvia Townsend Warner, English Climate: Wartime stories” – Adam Piette  

The Journal for 2021 (issue 1) has the following articles:  
The Unfinished Sequel to The Corner That Held Them (Part 2 of 2) 
‘All across Europe it had come’: The Black Death and Fascism in Sylvia Townsend Warner’s The Corner That Held Them – Adam Piette  
Hamlet in England – Sylvia Townsend Warner  
Footsteps on the Battlements – Sylvia Townsend Warner  
Stephen Tomlin in Chaldon Herring (1921–3) – Michael Bloch, Susan Fox  
Sylvia Townsend Warner and Peter Pears: Loss and Friendship – Lynn Mutti  
Review of Judith Aronson’s “Through the Lens of Janet Stone: Portraits, 1953–1979” – Ian Archie Beck  
Review of Hester Styles Vickery’s “Square Haunting: Five women, freedom and London between the wars” – Francesca Wade  

The Journal for 2020 (issue 1) has the following articles:  
Letter to the Editor – John Lucas  
Notes on The Corner That Held Them – Sylvia Townsend Warner  
The Unfinished Sequel to The Corner That Held Them (Part 1 of 2)  
Posthuman? Animal Corpses, Aeroplanes and Very High Frequencies in the Work of Valentine Ackland and Sylvia Townsend Warner – David Trotter  
Sylvia Townsend Warner and the Possibilities of Freedom: The Sylvia Townsend Warner Society Lecture 2019 – Peter Swaab  
Glen Cavaliero: Two Tributes – Paul Hartle and John Hodgson  

The Journal for 2019 (issue 2) has the following articles:  
Sylvia Townsend Warner’s Spanish Civil War Love Poems, with an Introduction by Mercedes Aguirre  
At War: Sylvia Townsend Warner and Maiden Newton – Judith Stinton  
‘Possibilities in a Collaboration’: Boxwood in Context – Michael Not  
Review by Helen Sutherland of “The Akeing Heart: Letters between Sylvia Townsend Warner, Valentine Ackland and Elizabeth Wade White” by Donald Judd (Handheld Press, 2018)  
And three works by Sylvia: “My Shirt is in Mexico”, “The Difficulties of Autobiography” and “Pianos and Pianolas”  

The Journal for 2019 (issue 1) has the following articles:  
A Note on Valentine Ackland – Sylvia Townsend Warner  
From Country Conditions (1936), “Introduction”, “The Labourers” and “Appendix 1” –  Valentine Ackland  
Poems: “Variations on a Theme” and “Whether the Lost Thing Found” – Valentine Ackland  
Guests of Spain – Valentine Ackland  
The Flame of the Candle –  Valentine Ackland  
The Man in the Balloon – Valentine Ackland  
The End of the Affair: A Correspondence between Valentine Ackland and Elizabeth Wade White, with an Introduction by Ailsa Granne and Peter Haring Judd  
The Bequest of Books: A Hidden Biography – Frances Bingham  

The  Journal for 2018  (issue 2) has the following articles: 
“Introduction” to Kingdoms of Elfin (Handheld Press, 2018) – Ingrid Hotz-Davies  
The Sylvia Townsend Warner Conference, April 2018 – Howard J. Booth and Gemma Moss  
Innocence, Naivety, Directness: Children in Sylvia Townsend Warner’s Fiction – Jan Montefiore  
Pastoral Revisions in Sylvia Townsend Warner’s The Espalier – Paul Robichaud  
Propaganda, Pacifism and Periodicals: Conflicted Anti-Fascism in Sylvia Townsend Warner’s Spanish Civil War Writing – Jake O’Leary  
Sylvia Townsend Warner’s The Flint Anchor and Modernism – Howard J. Booth  
Walking at the Margins in Lolly Willowes and Summer Will Show – Emma Shaw  
‘The Milk Marketing Scheme’: Sylvia Townsend Warner – Tanya Stobbs  

The  Journal for 2018  (issue 1) has the following articles:  
Sylvia, A Memoir – Susanna Pinney  
Admired, Belittled, Beloved: The Critical Reception of Sylvia Townsend Warner – Jan Montefiore  
Holy and Profane Love in Sylvia Townsend Warner’s Mr Fortune Fictions – Harry Daniels  
Landscape and Embodiment in Sylvia Townsend Warner’s Lolly Willowes and The True Heart – Harriet Baker  
The Politics of Reorientation in Summer Will Show – Cornelia-Catrinel Dunca  
History and Fantasy in The True Heart – Lucy Haenlein  
Two Poems: Two Stories – Judith Stinton  

The  Journal for 2017 has the following articles:  
After the Death of Don Juan: Sylvia Townsend Warner’s Spanish Novel – Maud Ellmann  
‘Some notes on Sylvia Townsend Warner’ (c. 1926) – Ben W. Huebsch  
Notes on Warner and Schoenberg – Lynn Mutti  
The Gardener’s Story – Sara Hudston  
Eight letters from Sylvia Townsend Warner to Colin House – Sylvia Townsend Warner  
Sylvia Townsend Warner interviewed by François Gallix about T.H. White (1974) – François Gallix  
Dorchester Chronicles – Judith Stinton  
Review of “Nancy Cunard: Selected Poems” – Mercedes Aguirre  

The  Journal for 2016 has the following articles:  
Some Notes on George Moir and Flora Warner – Claire Harman  
Man’s Moral Law – Sylvia Townsend Warner  
Nine Translations from Baudelaire – Sylvia Townsend Warner  
A Recurrent Modulation: Religious Themes in the Poetry of Sylvia Townsend Warner – Pauline Matarasso  
Sylvia Townsend Warner’s Letters: Where Are They Now? – Peter Tolhurst  

The  Journal for 2015  has the following articles: 
The Kingdoms of Elfin  – Sylvia Townsend Warner  
A Note on Sylvia Townsend Warner’s  The Kingdoms of Elfin  – Vike Martina Plock  
The Corner That Held Them, ‘A Note on the Historical Background’ – Sylvia Townsend Warner  
The Sea Change: Opera Libretto in Six Scenes  – Sylvia Townsend Warner  
“Heavenly Hermaphroditism”: A Note on  The Sea Change  – Peter Swaab  
An Interview with Sylvia Townsend Warner (1971) – Chris Bowles  
Sylvia’s Gifts: Meetings with Sylvia Townsend Warner in the 1970s – Tinch Minter  
Quiet Revolutions – Amanda Chambers  
Review by Peter Robinson of “Threads: The Delicate Life of John Craske” by Julia Blackburn  
Review by D.M. Mitchell of “Bloomsbury’s Outsider: A Life of David Garnett” by Sarah Knights  

The  Journal for 2014 has the following articles:  
Spellbound? The Secret Message of Lolly Willowes – Emma Robson  
A Critical Edition for Lolly: On the Benefits of Being Unregarded – Jennifer P. Nesbitt  
One Person’s Weight: Sylvia Townsend Warner and Herbert Howells – Richard Searle  
Music and the Condition of Being Alive: The Example of Sylvia Townsend Warner – Dame Gillian Beer  
History and Myth in After the Death of Don Juan – Mercedes Aguirre  
And two works by Sylvia,  “Untitled Poem”  and  “From the Diary”  
Review of the Literature Compass Special Issue on Sylvia Townsend Warner – Helen Sutherland  

The  Journal for 2013 has the following articles: 
Sylvia Townsend Warner and the Rhapsodic Pastoral – Jane Feaver  
‘That Odd Thing, a Musicologist’ – Lynn Mutti  
Feeding Squirrels – Paul Brownsey  
A Rational Romantic: The Importance of Being Sylvia – Glen Cavaliero  
Review by Helen Sutherland of “The Akeing Heart: Passionate Attachments and their Aftermath” by Peter Haring Judd  
Review by Gemma Moss of “The History of British Women’s Writing 1920–1945 (Vol. 8)” edited by Maroula Joannou  
And one piece by Sylvia:  “Elizabeth Gaskell 1810–1865”  

The  Journal for 2012 has the following articles:  
Tracking Sylvia Townsend Warner’s Red Footsteps in Lolly Willowes – June E. Dunn  
“The Silent Self: Valentine Ackland’s Diaries after 1949 – Ailsa Granne  
Dr Mary Elizabeth Jacobs: A Tribute – Angela K. Smith  
Review by Helen Sutherland of “The British and Irish Short Story Handbook” by David Malcolm  
Review by Helen Sutherland of “With the Hunted: Selected Writings of Sylvia Townsend Warner” edited by Peter Tolhurst  
And two pieces by Sylvia:  “The Dog’s Tragedy”  and  “Dearest Rachel” (a letter)  

The  Journal for 2011 has the following articles:  
Tree and Dreams: Sylvia Townsend Warner, the Pastoral, and Fantastic Ruralism – Mary Jacobs  
The Ambivalent Composer and the Carnegie Competition: From Music to Literature – Lynn Mutti  
Sylvia Townsend Warner and Romance – Claire Harman  
Narratives of Ethnography in “The Cat’s Cradle Book” – Georgia Johnston  
Sylvia Townsend Warner and Tudor Church Music – Richard Searle  
Review by Judith Bond of “Cousin and Friend: Letters to Rachel 1950–1952” edited by Rachel Monckton-How and Moira Rutherford  
Review by Helen Sutherland of “An Experiment in Leisure” by Marion Milner  
Review by Helen Sutherland of “Intermodernism: Literary Culture in Mid-twentieth-century Britain” edited by Kristin Bluemel  
And two pieces by Sylvia:  “Recommendation to Starvation”  and  “Dearest Rachel” ( a letter)  

The  Journal for 2010 has the following articles:  
The Unnaturalness of a Society: Class Division and Conflict in Warner’s Kingdoms of Elfin – Hannah Priest  
Warner’s Excerpts from The Portrait of a Tortoise – Barry Pike  
The Queerness of Lolly Willowes – Peter Swaab  
Encounters Between Elves and Humans in Warner’s Kingdoms of Elfin – Rebecca K. Hahn  
And two pieces by Sylvia:  “The Country Schoolmaster”  and  “A New Way of Protecting Fruit”  

The  Journal for 2009 has the following articles:  
Something Understood: Formality and the Language of the Heart in the Letters of Sylvia Townsend Warner – Janet Montefiore  
Memories of Sylvia Townsend Warner – Clive Robbins  
Some Chaldon Witches – Judith Stinton  
Review by Helen Sutherland of “Modernism, Feminism, and Jewishness” by Maren Tova Linett  
Review by Helen Sutherland of “Knowing Your Place: East Anglian Landscapes and Literature” edited by Peter Tolhurst  
Review by Nathan Waddell of “Women, Privacy and Modernity in British Early Twentieth Century Writing” by Wendy Gan  
And two pieces by Sylvia:  “Foreword: The Fall of France”  and  “The Red Dress”  

The  Journal for 2008 has the following articles:  
Janet Machen (1917-2008) – Ray Russell  
Letters to Oliver Stonor – Sylvia Townsend Warner, with an introduction by Mary Jacobs  
A Visit to the Founder – Ronald Blythe  
Robertson Scott and The Countryman – Neil Philip  
A Life-Long Love (poetry by Valentine Ackland) – Judith Stinton  
Nefarious Activities: Sylvia Townsend Warner, Valentine Ackland and MI5 Surveillance – Mary Jacobs and Judith Bond  
Review by Glen Cavaliero of New Collected Poems by Sylvia Townsend Warner  
Review by Gillian Spraggs of “Journey from Winter” by Valentine Ackland  
And two articles by Sylvia:  “Barcelona”  and  “Soldiers and Sickles”  

The  Journal for 2007 has the following articles:  
Chaldon Faces – David Garnett  
A Word is a Bridge – Margaretta Jolly  
This was a Lesson in History – Rosemary Sykes  
And five works by Sylvia:  “The Way By Which I have Come”,  “The Essex Marshes”,  “Private Letters in Old Ink”,  “Scorched Earth Policy”  (a short story) and  “The Historical Novel”  

The  Journal for 2006 has the following articles:  
Labours of Love – Frances Bingham  
Sylvia in Suffolk – Ronald Blythe  
The Politics of Disclosure and the Fable – Mary Jacobs  
Re-imagining the Middle Ages – Rachel Willcock  
A Friendship Rediscovered – Peter Tolhurst  
Review by Glen Cavaliero of “Dorset Stories” and review by Helen Sutherland of “Critical Essays on Sylvia Townsend Warner”  
And two works by Sylvia:  “Soldiers, Weeding-Women”  and  “Linnets and A True Ear”  

The  Journal for 2005 has the following articles:  
Who is Sylvia? – Claire Harman  
Elfins and Densmen – Geoffrey Grigson  
From Elphame to Otherwhere – Helen Sutherland  
The Corners That Held Her – Gill Davies  
Sylvia Townsend Warner’s letters to Daniel Menashe  
Review by Glen Cavaliero of “Narrative Settlements” by Jennifer Poulos Nesbitt  
And two works by Sylvia:  “Poison”  and  “Defoe and Moll Flanders”  

The  Journal for 2004 has the following articles:  
Sylvia Townsend Warner: The Centrifugal Kick – Dame Gillian Beer  
Sylvia Townsend Warner’s Letters to Peter Pears  
Maxwell’s World – Justin Cartwright  
Two book reviews – “Chaldon Herring: Writers in a Dorset Landscape” by Judith Stinton and “Stepdaughters of England” by Jane Garrity  
And five works by Sylvia:  “Feverell’s Middlesex”,  “Elegy”,  “Arcase, Il Faut Partir”,  “Love of France”  and  “Ludwig van Beethoven”  

The  Journal for 2003 has the following articles:  
Sylvia Townsend Warner and the Biographer’s ‘Moral Sense’ – Janet Montefiore  
Shelf Lives 11: Sylvia Townsend Warner – Peter Scupham  
And three works by Sylvia:  “The Book of Merlyn: The Story of the Book”,  “Death and the Lady: The Letters of Katherine Mansfield”  and  “Bathrooms Remembered”  

The  Journal for 2002 has the following articles:  
“Enter If You Will”: Echoes from a Haunted House – Janet Montefiore  
“Sharing a Worldliness of Austerity”: Sylvia Townsend Warner and Jane Austen – Jennifer Poulos Nesbitt  
Sylvia Townsend Warner in Conversation with Val Warner and Michael Schmidt (1975)  
Review of “Arguments of Heart and Mind: Selected Essays, 1977-2000: Janet Montefiore” by Glen Cavaliero  

The  Journal for 2001 has the following articles:  
The Willowes Pattern – Rosemary Sykes  
Some Musings on Lolly Willows – Ren Draya  
Alternative Lives – R.B. Russell  
The Short Stories – Glen Cavaliero  
John Craske: Fisherman and Artist – Peter Tolhurst  
And some works by Sylvia: The Original Ending of Lolly Willowes, “I Am Come Into My Garden”, “Rainbow”, “Northanger Abbey: An Introduction”  and Four Uncollected Poems  

The  Journal for 2000 has the following articles:  
Sylvia Townsend Warner as poet – John Lucas  
“The True Story of England’s Greatness”: Degeneracy, Primitivism, Eugenics – Gay Wachman  
Writers at Work – Sylvia Townsend Warner interviewed by Louise Morgan (1931)  
And two works by Sylvia herself: “Jungle Blossom” and “A Fragment”