1925 The Espalier (verse)
1926 Lolly Willowes (novel)
1927 Mr Fortune’s Maggot (novel)
1928 Time Importuned (verse)
1929 The True Heart (novel)
Some World Far From Ours (stories)
1930 Elinor Barley (story)
1931 Opus 7 (verse)
A Moral Ending and Other Stories (stories)
1932 The Salutation (stories)
1934 Whether A Dove Or Seagull (verse, with Valentine Ackland)
1935 More Joy In Heaven (stories)
1936 Summer Will Show (novel)
1938 After The Death Of Don Juan (novel)
1943 A Garland Of Straw (stories)
1947 The Museum Of Cheats (stories)
1948 The Corner That Held Them (novel)
1949 Somerset (for Paul Elek’s Vision of England series)
1951 Jane Austen (pamphlet, for The British Council)
1954 The Flint Anchor (novel)
1955 Winter In The Air (stories)
1957 Boxwood (verse, with illustrations by Reynolds Stone)
1960 The Cat’s Cradle Book (stories)
1962 A Spirit Rises (stories)
1966 A Stranger With A Bag (stories)
1967 T.H. White (biography)
1968 King Duffus and Other Poems (verse, privately printed)
1971 The Innocent And The Guilty (stories)
1977 Kingdoms Of Elfin (stories)
1978 Azrael and Other Poems (verse)

Posthumously published

1980 Twelve Poems
1981 Scenes of Childhood and Other Stories
1982 Collected Poems Ed. Claire Harman
Letters Ed. William Maxwell
1984 One Thing Leading to Another and other stories
1988 Selected Stories
1994 Diaries of Sylvia Townsend Warner Ed. Claire Harman
Sylvia and David – The Townsend Warner/Garnett Letters Ed. Richard Garnett
1998 I’ll Stand By You – Selected letters of Sylvia Townsend Warner and Valentine Ackland Ed. Susanna Pinney
2001 The Element of Lavishness – Letters of Sylvia Townsend Warner and William Maxwell Ed. Michael Steinmann
The Music at Long Verney
2006 Dorset Stories
2008 New Collected Poems Ed. Claire Harman
2011 Cousin and Friend: Sylvia Townsend Warner, Letters to Rachel 1950-1952 Ed. Rachel Monckton-How and Moira Rutherford
2012 With The Hunted: Sylvia Townsend Warner Selected Writings Ed. Peter Tolhurst
2018 The Akeing Heart: Letters Between Sylvia Townsend Warner, Valentine Ackland, and Elizabeth Wade White Ed. Peter Haring Judd
2019 Of Cats and Elfins
2020 English Climate: Wartime Stories