The Sylvia Townsend Warner Society

The Sylvia Townsend Warner Society was launched in January 2000 in Dorchester by a group of enthusiasts, assembling for an inaugural meeting at the County Museum. The main aim of the Society is to promote a wide readership for and a better understanding of the writings of Sylvia Townsend Warner.

The membership of the Society is wide-ranging and reflects the wide appeal which Sylvia's works have. In the academic world, a growing number of scholars are publishing works about Sylvia and the importance of her writings and we are delighted that several of them are members of the Society. There is so much rich material in Sylvia's work - poetry, short stories, novels, political articles, diaries and letters - so everyone who loves good writing will find something to appeal to them. Our activities in the society are designed to appeal to all admirers of Sylvia, whatever their particular interest.

Every year we have a meeting on the Saturday nearest the 1st May, the anniversary of Sylvia's death, when we gather in East Chaldon for a meal at the Sailor's Return and then at St. Nicholas's Churchyard to lay flowers on the memorial tablet to Sylvia and her lifelong companion, Valentine Ackland. In the last years, groups of Society members have visited Norfolk and Suffolk to explore sites in those counties which featured in the lives of Sylvia and Valentine. The Annual General Meeting of the Society is held in Dorchester and is usually linked with a walk or a lecture.

Each year we produce three publications. In late autumn an academic Journal is published and each spring and summer we bring out Newsletters which are more informal in nature, with short articles, letters and Society news. We are very aware that many members cannot attend Society meetings so the Journal and the Newsletters are their main link with other members.

All new information of a general nature is also provided on our website. You find all recent news on the homepage. The news archive gives you a good overview of the Society's activities and important news of the past.

The Society now has 135 members, reflecting a world-wide interest in Sylvia Townsend Warner. We have members in Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Italy, Japan, Australia, Canada and the USA, as well as the UK.
We are a member of the Alliance of Literary Societies.

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